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I am running to make our communities healthier, safer, and to be a strong voice for District 8 on the County Council. I will propose and support solutions always focused on principles that encompass the values and commitments that are important to us today that will also have a positive impact on future generations. As your representative, I will zealously advocate in support of the following policies/priorities that are focused on People to ignite Growth for stronger, safer, healthier Communities as we move #ForwardTogether.


Affordable Housing:

We’re all feeling the pinch of dealing with rising costs of living, which includes, finding adequate and affordable housing, whether you’re a senior or millennial trying to purchase your first home. Since the pandemic, housing rates and rents here have risen by as much as 10 percent. As your representative, I will support legislation and regulations put in place so that people who want to be part of our community can. 

*Affordable housing is generally defined as housing on which the occupant is paying no more than 30 percent of gross income for housing costs, including utilities.

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Environment & Infrastructure:

Strong and thriving communities are rooted in healthy environments, which is why I am committed to tackling climate change and protecting our environment. A major initiative that I will support to protect our health and natural environment is smart growth, which will also make our communities healthier and safer for residents and visitors. Revitalizing and stabilizing our environment and restoring our infrastructure will stimulate economic development and growth that we need and desire in our communities.


Economic Mobility:

Inflation means rising costs, which puts many of us in unique positions - especially Seniors, who’s fixed-incomes may not correlate with rising costs during this time. Our local economy should work for all of us. There’s is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with the social injustices of our time have strained the economy, which is why I will advocate for tax relief for seniors and military families and veterans, strategic infrastructure investments like: transportation equity (zero emissions buses), water infrastructure improvements and maintenance, and maintaining our roads, jobs and apprenticeships with small businesses, and to attract more businesses that reflect the needs and desires of our community.

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